Rock Blasting and Concrete Blasting


JSB are specialists of sensitive rock blasting technology using pyrotechnic products. RBC (Rock Breaking Cartridge) technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound enclosed in a cartridge, which reacts very quickly when ignited to produce high volumes of harmless gas. This rock blasting method is equally effective for blasting concrete.

RBC’s uses tensile force to break rock. The tensile force is applied by a rapid release of large volumes of gas generated by a pyrotechnic composition. The cartridge is embedded in the rock by means of a drilling and tamping procedure and electrically ignited using an approved shot exploder. RBC’s are specifically designed for blasting rock or blasting concrete with minimum sound, vibration and fly rock.

This rock or concrete blasting method is ideal for sensitive situations e.g. residential areas, construction sites, close to roads, near power lines etc.


Advantages of using RBC's:


  • Greatly reduced danger area (30 meters)
  • Low vibrations with minimal noise and overpressure
  • Minimum disruption of the client's operation (30 meter evacuation radius for personnel)
  • Minimum restrictions for use near power lines, pipe lines, etc
  • No high explosive hazards (transport, handling and initiation)


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JSB clients making use of our sensitive area rock breaking services include:


  • Peter Mellor Pty Ltd
  • Roshcon (a member of the Eskom group)
  • MCC Open Cast Mining Contractors and MCC Specialised Products
  • Murray & Roberts (Concor)
  • AEL


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